Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What is the name you go by + where are you from?

"The name I go by is alyxxmariee and I am from Las Vegas. As a music artist I sing, write, and as of lately, I have been creating my own artwork."

When did you start your journey with music? How did you start?

"I have been singing my whole life, however I started writing my owns songs during my sophomore year of college in 2015. It all started when one day I was sitting in my dorm room upset. I had been writing for awhile, I literally told myself “Alyx you like to sing and you like to write...why don’t you just write a song?” And the rest is history."

What is your favorite experience(s) as a music artist?

"My favorite experience as a music artists is working with other artists, no matter it be others who sing, produce, engineer, photograph or do videography. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with other creatives in every way. The energy that it brings is so uplifting."

What is something you feel that people don’t see behind the scenes?

"I feel that people don’t see the questioning, self-doubt, hard work and dedication that artists have. The process is fun, but it isn’t easy. And the mental breakdowns I believe are the most hidden."

Do you do anything else you would like to share? What do you do in your free time?

"I do quite a few things other than music. I am not just an artist, I am a soul. So I make sure that I nurture that. I do yoga and meditation every single day. Along with a specific breath work called pranayama. I like to draw as well. I also wrote a book about my spiritual journey that I will be releasing this year. I love to be in nature, you learn so much by listening and watching. Even if you’re sitting on a mountain and watching nothing but stillness, you still learn so much."

What are some accomplishments you’ve done during your journey? What are some challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

"I’m not super far in my journey. So my accomplishments don’t always feel super huge, but honestly, my biggest accomplishment has been taking life a day at a time. Finding balance between my mental, physical, and emotional health and my work. Sticking to it and being grateful for any level of progress made has felt like the biggest accomplishment of all."

What is some advice you’d like to give to artists like you?

"Some advice I would like to give to artists like me would be to not get too caught up in your work. It’s so important to have a solid foundation of who you are as a human being. The work matters, but living life is just as important. Having peace, being happy, and staying in the present moment in the process of chasing your dreams is the key to enjoying your whole life and not just a piece or pieces of it. Finding ways to stay balanced mind, body, and soul will be the biggest achievement in your life. Accomplishing your dreams is just the cherry on top."

ALYXXMARIEE’S message to you! "I’m grateful for each and every one of you. I make music for any soul that connects to it. For any soul that my music might help heal. I just want people to know that it’s ok to be yourself and to put yourself out there. Never change who you are for anybody. Nobody is meant for everybody. But the people who are meant for you will be for you. And if you rock with me I rock with you. So thank you for your love and support."


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