Alyxx Mariee, an artist born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She shares that music has been a part of her life since she came out the womb, "I grew up singing and performing for church.  My dad was in an A Capella group and that’s where I fell in love." Continuing her love for music, she started writing her own songs in 2015, during sophomore year of college. "Singing was already my therapy, and once writing became apart of that too I figured 'why don’t I just write a song?' Now, here I am."

Alyxx opens up about her experience as a music artist and says that her favorite part is creating, "I'm in love with the creative process and making something so beautiful out of a single thought. Something that eventually leads to creating connections," she continued,  "Music is a whole different world, and it is a universal language.  All beings appreciate the heavenly vibrations of music, from cats to dog to birds to goats. That’s why it’s so beautiful."

Alyxx also shares that a song that hasn't been released yet, 'On a Mission,' is one of her favorite pieces yet.

Alyxx Mariee's message to her audience/supporters: "I’m always going to be myself and I hope that through my music as well as my other life endeavors, that I can inspire those who struggle with self-love to be who they are unapologetically."







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