Alison Li

Alison Li, who is usually called Li, is an amazing photographer from Malden, Massachusetts. We got the pleasure to get to know her and ask her a few questions. Alison's brand is and you can find her on IG ( or her website! ( She started her photography career when she was in middle school helping people edit their Facebook pictures and recording jerking videos for her friends. She was always good at taking pictures on iPhones as well. Her junior year, she decided that it was what she wanted to do and found her passion. She saved money from her $10/hr job and bought her first camera to start her journey. "It's still my camera to this day," she added. When we asked Li what was one her of favorite art work, she said, "I don’t have one yet. Still don’t think I’m the best version of myself yet, I’ll have one maybe in a few more months. Currently pending." Then she told us that Petra Collins is her favorite photographer, and someone who influences her. Then we asked Alison what she wished she knew when she started photography, "I learned overtime that location isn’t everything. I used to stress over location areas for pictures. You can make something out of nothing anytime, anyway, anywhere." This is the perfect advice from Li for everyone who is starting a photography career. When questioned about what she would like her audience/clients to know, she responded, "I want them to know that this will never be for clout. I do this for the people who always knew I was meant to be an artist. For my family who don’t think I will make money off of this. This is what makes me happy and that’s all that matters."






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