Alexander, was born and raised in Massachusetts. He grew up in Middleboro and have been living in Boston for the past 4 years. He mentioned that he started his interest in music at 13yrs old, "I wanted to be an audio engineer because I was big into the 'behind the scenes' work and production of music. That’s when everything definitely started or at least sparked."

What drew Alexander to the music industry, is Asap Rocky. "He was super into his mixtapes and how much he cared about his art. Especially combing fashion into his art with a group behind him was the first time I was exposed to that. Like I said, I wanted to be an audio engineer at first until I heard his song Phoenix." That changed everything for Alexander. He wanted to move and inspire people like that song moved inspired him.

Alexander's favorite piece of work of his is unreleased but from what he has out is from his recent debut album “Bloodshot.” He said, "It’s actually named after Rocky’s song. It’s called Phoenix Interlude. It’s about my past relationships and how to handle them in the future. Just some food for thought." When we asked how does the creative process go for him, he said that he's pretty big on life experiences. "So, if I lived it I can tell it. I can’t just make music to make music you know. To really tap in to my feelings I have to live a little and observe." After that, he'll usually do some demos in his home studio then take it to Triad Recording Studios to record it. All the hooks and he says half the verses are freestyles. "I’d rather let my feelings out first then go back into the songwriting to see how I can portray the ideas better," he added.

It was also mentioned that Alexander's favorite part about being a music artist, is all the support he gets in his DMs and communicating to people who have been affected by his music. "I had one kid in my DMs recently saying that I help him with his anxiety and depression since he feels like he’s not alone. Which is insane. I never thought I could do that for someone. Makes you realize that this music is really bigger than me."

What Alexander wants his audience to know that "it’s go time." He said that this isn’t your average artist. More shows, parties, and music coming very soon, before the year ends. "But mostly, I want them to know I love them because without them I’m nothing but a kid in his room making art."







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