Alan.2cold, alanshotme, but also goes by Alan was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, eventually moved and grew up in the Boston area. When Alan saw his brother take photos for his photography class, it sparked his interest in his photography career so he asked for a camera for Christmas in 2016. He was drawn to photography because of the beauty he can find in any ordinary person or place. Alan also mentioned that his favorite piece so far is a portrait photo he took of @3dtorrez. "The way the sky reflects off of his glasses and the color coordination of his outfit with the environment just made the photo phenomenal."

The work of Gunner Stahl has influenced him quite a bit and it's what made him enjoy taking portraits so much. When Alan first began taking photos, he mentioned that he wished he had known the basic rules of composition of photography as this would’ve made his earlier photos much more visually pleasing.

Something Alan.2cold wants his audience to know is that he has a new photography page with a twist opening up. (@alanshotme) "But I won’t be stopping at photography, I’m also apart of @coldworldcreatives which is a platform for my friends and I to do essentially anything we want. Our goal is to eventually grow and have creatives around the Cold World connecting and creating."





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