AK the Don

A local podcaster, host of “Don Talk Podcast" AK the Don, started recording the podcast in June of 2019. He started off by sharing the main reason why he started the podcast, "it was to bridge the gap in Boston and maybe help be a network in the city." He continued on about wanting people to learn about different artists, and instead of complaining how there was no help in Boston, he decided to make a change, "I also had the right people in my corner backing me up."

So far, AK the Don's favorite episode is the last episode of Season 1 of Don Talk Podcast. He went on and explained that it was a true glimpse into who he really is, and he got to share a space with two of his closest friends, speaking honestly about certain topics. His inspirations are “ItsLitBoston, The GaryVee Audio Experience, and Secret 2 Success podcast," with Eric Thomas. He also mentioned that he wished that he knew the the best way(s) to promote the podcast when he started, "I have the editing portion down, but I just want to build a bigger platform and reach more people with the podcast."

AK the Don's message to his audience/supporters:

"I want all of the people who support me to know that this is just one step into building a better future in the city of Boston, and I would LOVE to have as many creatives on the show as I can. This is not just for musicians, it’s for anyone who is a creative. Meaning that you can be into clothing/fashion, comedy, photography, art/painting, etc. As long as what you do is positive, and can help someone in some way, I’ll help be a voice for you!"

IG: @akthedon_

Email: akannimcintosh21@gmail.com



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