Abushady, an artist, born in Manhattan, raised in Queens, and have lived in Huntington, LI since then. He always been around music growing but didn't realize he wanted it to be his career until I started writing songs at the age of 16. Abushady is 23 now, the past years has been a process of learning and growing in that direction. He went to college in upstate NY and studied the music industry and audio production which gave him a better idea of how he wants to approach things. He is constantly working on refining his craft and process of getting his art out to the world.

Abushady's mother was an Opera singer and a guitar player, and his father was a performer, conductor, and a cellist - so he has been around music his whole life, "I'm not as drawn to the music industry as I am to just making music that makes people feel something. Hacking into the industry is just a part of the process of getting people to listen so it comes with the trade," he mentioned.

When asked what is his favorite project he has created, he responded, " It's difficult to single out one project or piece as all my songs are unique but if I absolutely have to select something I'm going to go with the song "Tripulations" off my project Abushady Tapes Vol. 2 Awakening. I completely produced, mixed, mastered, wrote, recorded that song (like many of my others) but it came out so different and it has many layers to it. I would recommend lighting up and letting it take you on a journey."

The creative process for Abushady varies from song to song. Often times he will be in the most random place like on a beach, at a job, walking down a street or in the shower when a great idea comes to him. He would have to remember it long enough to make a voice memo or write something down. "I must have over a thousand voice memos and notes in my phone and that doesn't include the several written books that I've filled up over the years," he added. Sometimes he'll make a beat first and then write to it or he'll mess around on guitar and find a chord progression that he like. "Sometimes I'm collaborating with somebody else and we're just free-styling off each-other energy. It's a fun time, you never know how the next great song may be written."

We asked Abushady for his favorite part about being an artist, his response was, "The freedom. I know it will take time and consistent work to truly "pop off," travel the world and make a living off this, but I'm enjoying the process so much that it doesn't really matter how long it takes. I love making music and I love performing and I'm going to go just as hard if there's a million people listening or 1 person listening."

Our last question to Abishady is what would he like his audience/supporters to know, "Large corporations and super rich elite families are attempting to control the world and are doing everything they can to keep the masses sleeping," he started off, "Eat as healthy as possible (raw vegan, alkaline, plant-based) stay active, spend time in nature (barefoot and grounded to the earth), meditate, do yoga, have consistent practice, travel and gain perspective. Beware of all the distractions around you. Focus on what you love to do and what you're good at and make a career out of that. You may have to do some things you don't like but it's always worth it for your passions. Be a leader, don't be a sheep."

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