Abigail Watson

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Abigail Watson is an upcoming photographer, born in Arkansas, but now is in Medford, Massachusetts. Her IG name is @photosbyabz, where she posts all of her amazing work. Abbey mentioned that she always had an interest and she saw her friends follow different sorts of photography paths. Therefore, she recently bought a camera and started doing research on photography less than a year ago. We asked Watson what were her favorite pieces she created, (the first two photos in the gallery) "these may not be my favourite, but they definitely remind me that photography is easy and fun and breathtaking. The ones that aren’t overly complicated with angles and technicalities are the ones that come out the best." When asked who inspires her, she said that a lot of local artists have inspired her, and that she doesn't know many famous or well-known photographers, so people close to home have shed light on the excitement and interest within photography for her. "Shoutout to a really good friend of mine who nonchalantly helped me get the confidence to do so: Courtney Ryan!"

We asked Abbey what she wished she knew before she started her career in photography, she responded that she wished she did a little more research before hand, or started taking some classes or reaching out more to those who know enough and could teach her, "but I’m learning every day as I go on."

Of course, our last question to Abbey was what would she like her audience/clients to know about her, she answered, "I’m by no means a professional, but I do take it very seriously and I will always strive to make whatever client or audience proud and excited to see my work. I am still learning, and that’s what I expect my clients to appreciate and are able to give me the benefit of the doubt when working together."

email: abbyrwatson@yahoo.com

Instagram: instagram.com/abbeyrwatson instagram.com/photosbyabz

Twitter: twitter.com/hiiabbeyrose

Facebook: Abigail Watson



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