Aaron Bates

Aaron Bates is a music artist from Boston, Mass. As a music artist he raps, sings and also produces, "about my struggles, my feelings, my happiness, other people’s struggles, their feelings. Telling my stories about my experiences in life, where I come from and other people’s stories and where they come from." He talks about speaking his truth, "because I want the people from my city and in the near future to hear their stories. I want to motivate, move them and give back with my words of encouragement. Where it’s ok to mess up, it’s ok to fail, not everything is going to be great but if you acknowledge these things, you can grow from it and become who you really want to be."

Aaron's passion for music sparked when he started making music in middle school but officially shared it when he was in high school. "I’d say when I was a little Adolescence," he started to share the people who inspired him; KRS ONE, Slick Rick, Redman, Method Man, Run-Dmc, "because my Pop’s would play it in the car, in the house, and I was just so intrigued about what they was saying and I was like 'damn... they really do this.. and convey a story.'" As he relates to these artists, he fell in love with hip-hop, "I still haven’t even stepped my foot in the Music industry yet but I will get my whole foot in the door and make sure I leave my mark."

Aaron went on to share his favorite experiences, "The people. It’s always been the people," he explains how appreciative he is for the love they show for his music, "the way they express their joy, hearing their screams, their “aye’s” and “ooo’s” and the cheers." He explains the feeling of them walking up after he performs and telling him how relatable his stories are and the messages he pushes, just like how Aaron related to his inspirations. "Seeing them enjoy what I do as much as I enjoy creating it and performing it for them. That’s the best feeling in the world man, hands down," he said.

Other than his passion for music, Bates tells us his other intrests and Anime being one of them. “'The God Of High School, The Promised Neverland' just naming a few, but One Piece is Number One, don’t try to debate me on this!" Aaron also has love for all animals and even insects, "I love learning about every species. I even got 'Darwin’s Journal' that has like every species of animal he ever encountered." Still connecting to music, he also writes, "I practice my craft every single day, I go back to listen to albums from Ice Cube, Nas, Eric B & Rakim, Jay-Z, and I am understanding and appreciating what they did to the game, how can I be the best version of myself and deliver a message with real purpose."

Aaron's message to his supporters/audience: "Everything I do is pure to the heart and honest. Whether it’s good, bad, ugly, my mistakes, my rights, my wrongs, and uncertainties that I have, it’s all my truth and all true. And that I love y’all so much for supporting me for this long and that I will continue to convey a message and tell y’all stories, life experiences, and mine as well. I promise to keep it honest. I got our city/state on my back and we go’n get to the top. Keep riding with me and we’ll reach the destination."

CONTACT: batesmusicinfo@gmail.com

IG: instagram.com/officialmrbates

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/aironbates/sets/pollen



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