Rene Ramos

René Manuel Ramos, but when designing he uses the name “René,” is from Lowell, Massachusetts. His favorite pieces of his to date, are from my most recent collection titled “Anonymity.” He mentioned that being able to run with the theme of sustainability and work alongside his like-minded brother—Czarr—from BeadsByTrokon (B|BT) for the third time has been a privilege and amazing opportunity. "We created such amazing pieces that corresponded perfectly with our message of losing your sense of identity in this fashion industry."

René's goals as a designer are to always improve with each collection. He said that having the ability to continuously grow and challenge himself to reach new environments is a goal with each collection. He added, "It doesn’t always have to be a fashion show presentation but I do want to reach out to new models, stylists, creative directors, and photographers  to expand into new networks with fresh ideas!" To be specific, a long term goal of his is to start my own fashion house where I can establish himself as a brand and not just a local designer. He also mentioned a short term goal of his which is to work on one project a month and put that on social media to be consistent with fresh faces and looks.

We asked René what would he like his audience/supporters to know about him and he responded, "I am more than thankful for the amount of love that I’ve received from those close to me and even those who are not because it shows that I’m doing something right." Although he has not been actively selling his pieces, samples will be available in 2020. Also, he is 110% open to new ideas and suggestions from any and everyone who has a vision that they would like to see come to life, René will make it happen!


From left to right: Paige, Premo, and Rene modeling for his favorite collection to date (a collaboration with B|BT).



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