Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Kia Tay, known as OAZ, is a 23 years old recording artist, model and a film production coordinator. She mentioned that she grew up in low income communities in the Roxbury and Dorchester area. Kia shares her life experiences through her music as an outlet for all her emotions and current phases in life. She is community oriented in everything she does as well as being humble. "My main presences in these communities I work in and in my own which  is to be a main representation of my story. As a young African American girl thriving in the low income scale of Roxbury & Dorchester in the greater area of Boston I continue to break down doors not only in the hip hop culture but also in the film world, and the modeling world." She added that being raised by a independent amazing mother, she was also faced to witness and navigate through the gang violence, school to prison pipeline and the health issue crisis in her communities which made her who she is today.

OAZ got into music through her father that was always free-styling on his pick ups and drops off from school. "I lost my father at an early age but I keep pushing and striving for the best for myself which became one of the main things that motivates me. My song  “Promises” is the main track I want to represent my story as a insight into my life." she added. She believes that music is therapeutic and a gateway to release all emotions in a positive way instead of turning to the streets or falling victim to the system.

When it comes to OAZ's modeling career, she has always wanted to be a model. "I never let not being that cookie cutter image that media portrays us as woman stop me or define me as women, model or role model." Kia searches to create art when she works with photographers and film production. She mentioned that learning to comfortable in her own skin was not an easy thing and she still struggles with it here and there, "but self love and support from my fans is what keeps me out of those negative thoughts and keeps me on my toes. I would say the key to finding your inner self is self love and reflection." She said that if she could leave the world with one thing, she would say, "no matter what, go after your dreams, set aside time for things that make you happy. Nothing is impossible to achieve or reach if your willing to put in the ground work."

CONTACT: oazmusic96@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/bae_itskia

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-393998212



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